About the Centre

The Tove Valley Centre will be the home of Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship as well as a new facility available for hire by the community. It will be built on 2.2 acres of land designated for a community facility in the original development planning agreement, adjacent to the Shires on Northampton Road, Towcester.

Plans for the Tove Valley Centre were modified in early 2019 after discussions with representatives from the local community. The modified plans are designed to ensure that the building will meet the needs of both the church and the community. Planning permission in respect of the new design was granted in September 2019. In February 2020 a reputable, local Construction Company with 80 years experience in the business was instructed in respect of building the TVC.


On Monday 9th March 2020 the site was handed over to Steele and Bray Limited Chartered Building Contractors of Northampton, and the work of building the Tove Valley Centre began.

Due to COVID-19, work was suspended on Friday 27th March 2020. Six weeks later and in accordance with Government guidance, work was resumed on Monday 11th May 2020.

 The building will include:

  • A flexible, multi-purpose hall, equipped with modern audio-visual facilities, seating up to 180 people

  • Entrance foyer and display areas

  • Fully equipped commercial kitchen

  • 3/4 separate meeting/activity rooms

  • Crèche facilities

  • Centre office

The development will include:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian access from Northampton Road

  • Footpath access from Surtees Way

  • Hedging to screen neighbours

  • Landscaped grounds

  • Outdoor play area

  • Parking for 29 cars with additional parking in the adjacent car park

The Tove Valley Centre is a project of Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship which operates as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). TVBF is also a registered charity #1179215. (#235693 prior to becoming a CIO in July 2018).

The TVC will be registered as a place of Worship and managed by Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship whose website is at tvbf.co.uk

How you can help

If you are a local business owner and would like to partner with us in this important community project by donating items to fit out the building, landscape the grounds or by making a financial contribution, please contact us by emailing fundraising@tovevalleycentre.co.uk to find out more.

Ongoing Activities

Milestones Reached

Community Consultation

We need your ideas on how the Centre can be best used to serve Towcester and the surrounding villages. A Community Consultation document was sent to residents of the Shires housing development in 2015 as well as other groups and individuals within Towcester.

During 2018 we consulted with families within and around Towcester. If you would like to have your say, please email us on contact@tovevalleycentre.co.uk. If you do contact us on this email address, please keep an eye on your junk mail for a response.

We have also been in conversation with community, voluntary and professional groups and organisations in order to learn about their needs. We are very keen to hear from any groups or organisations interested in using the Tove Valley Centre for meetings on an occasional or regular basis.


Fundraising events and activities

We regularly host fundraising events. Please have a look at our Forthcoming Events page for details of fundraising events that are being planned.

Thanks to the support of the community we have already raised a large amount of money towards the cost of the building. One of our fundraising initiatives that has proved to be very successful has been providing individuals with a tube of smarties and asking for the empty tube to be filled with 10p or 20p or £1 pieces and returned to us. If you would like to join in please contact us on contact@tovevalleycentre.co.uk and we will get a tube of smarties to you with instructions about where to send the full tube. Alternatively, collect your smarties or return your full tube at one of our fundraising events.

Commencement of applying for grant funding

Fundraising for the Tove Valley Centre Project entered a new phase in January 2018. We reached the stage at which making applications to organisations that offer grant funding could begin. A Fundraising Administrator with a track record of successful applications for grant funding whilst working elsewhere within the Voluntary Sector was appointed to carry out this work on our behalf.

Young Oak Trees planted

In May 2017, diseased trees on the perimeter of the site were removed and cut up for fire wood, as advised by a tree surgeon. The trees were replaced by young oak trees in the Autumn.

Access to the site

Access work, including the erection of gates, was completed in 2016.

Archaeological  Works

In accordance with a condition of the planning consent for the Tove Valley Centre site, a programme of archaeological works to assess the site was carried out by Thames Valley Archaeological Services in March 2016.  Topsoil and other overburden from the proposed building area was moved from the planned building footprint and a number of features were examined.

The fieldwork revealed a small unenclosed occupation site dating from the Middle Iron Age along with elements of a probable Roman field system.  The Iron Age deposits included a ring gully structure and pits on the site provided radiocarbon dates of 327-204  BC. The Iron Age site was overlain by a rectilinear arrangement of gullies tentatively dated to the Roman period.  A digital version of the report was supplied to Northamptonshire County Archaeology service and copies of the results were supplied to the Northamptonshire HER and the OASIS project.  For further details, please contact us through this website.

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The Tove Valley Centre is a project of Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship which operates as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). TVBF is also a registered charity #1179215 (#235693 prior to becoming a CIO in July 2018).